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Hobos are invading!

Experts in Kalispell are overrun with an influx of hobo spiders. After placing glue strips down to catch the pesky spiders, they have found 30-40 spiders per strip. Experts are blaming the unusually warm weather this year on the invasion of the hobo spiders.

Hobo spiders sometimes can be confused for brown recluse spiders because of their appearance. While they are brown in color, their chevron shaped markings give them away.

The hobo spiders make their homes in ground vegetation and wood piles, sometimes moving a housing structure near leaky windows or door frames. Experts say that this species of spider not only enjoys but adapts well to changing climates. The hobo spiders tend be out of the nest searching for food and also matting at an aggressive rate.

Bites from the hobo spider are not fatal but can cause uncomfortable reactions. Those reactions include a pens and needles feeling at the bite site with a small, hard area appearing after the bite. This area may become numb. Sometimes the bites will turn into a lesion that blisters that can be quite painful and don’t heal in a timely fashion.  Experts say that about half of the time hobo spiders don’t release venom when they bite so no symptoms at all would appear.

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