I love the way you smell

October 8th, 2015

I love the way you smell

We all have experienced the situation where you meet someone and they smell. Good or bad, just like each individual has a personality, we all have a unique smell. Or natural smell could have a huge impact on which bugs we attracts. “They love me” is something you will hear in reference to mosquitoes, and it is true. Mosquitoes are attracted to a certain smell and not others.

Mosquitoes are annoying and everywhere. Typically their bites are relatively harmless, other than a few seconds of pain, and then the itch of course. Rarely are their bites life threatening. That is of course your average mosquito.

Mosquitoes are making a name for themselves as they evolve. They are now carrying diseases like West Nile Virus, which can be deadly in some instances. They are also known in some areas to carry Malaria and dengue fever which are very deadly in some parts of the world.

One way to prevent a mosquito takeover is to remove any free standing water from near your home. They tend to lay their eggs in the water and that makes for a perfect breeding ground. Call your local pest control company if you think you may have a mosquito infestation in your home.

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How did they miss it?

October 7th, 2015

How did they miss it?

A senior’s residence is under fire by CBS reporters after failing to realize their facility was completely infested with bed bugs.  They not only didn’t realize there was an issue, the infestation went on for months before it was addressed.

One family noticed the bugs around the residence, but not in their particular home unit. Knowing about how quickly they can over take a community living environment, the family knew it was only a matter of time before the critters were sharing their home as well. After months of asking about the issue, the manager of the residence finally called for an inspection of the property. By the time they got around to addressing the issue 28 of 133 were infested with bed bugs. The manager claimed no one called them.

Bed bugs can go undetected because they hide until the lights go out. They make their feast out of your body while you sleep and their bites are fairly painless so they won’t wake you. They reproduce at a very high rate and will hitchhike their way from until to unit until a situation like this one occurs. The best thing to do of course is to call a professional at the first sight of a bed bug. They will be able to not only stop the issue in your home, but prevent future spreading of bed bugs.

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West Nile Virus

October 6th, 2015

West Nile Virus

Mosquitoes collected in the valley have tested positive for the West Nile Virus. So far that makes a total of 91 positive samples.. That number makes this the biggest saturated year since 2012 according to one scientist.

West Nile is a very dangerous virus that is transmitted through mosquitoes. In some cases, the dangers of West Nile are such that they could be fetal. Typically, only children would become that sick, however the virus will hospitalize any adult that is exposed. Scientists are requesting that people be extra diligent in the prevention of mosquito bites as a way to prevent getting West Nile. Some scientists will allow these infected mosquitos to live so that they can study the full life cycle in an effort to reduce the total amount of mosquitos. Some suggest insect repellant and gloves, other say the only effective way to rid your yard of mosquitos is by calling a pest control company that you trust, to come to your home and inspect for mosquito nests. Once they locate the nest they can better determine a plan of action on how to keep these pests away.

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Watch out! It’s slithering free!

October 5th, 2015

Watch out! It’s slithering free!

Something you never want to have to think about when you lay down at night, a King Cobra, free and on the loose. The question of course is how? They really don’t make great pets after all. But after a recent storm caused a tree to fall onto a house, the massive king cobra escaped from its habitat and is now running free.

The king cobra is not only the largest but is also the most venomous snake in the world, not to mention they are extremely aggressive when they feel threatened. While there is an anti-venom available at hospitals, it is a rare commodity and it’s unlikely a person would survive long enough to get their hands on the lifesaving medicine. Like the king cobra, the rattlesnake is also very venomous and dangerous when you encounter one.

Snakes can be a common problem throughout the southwest region. They come out during cooler seasons and stay throughout the summer. They may slither into your backyard looking for food, and find somewhere warm to curl up and call home for the winter.

The best thing to do if you encounter a snake issue stay away. Call your local pest control company for help and removal.

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Where did they come from?

October 2nd, 2015

Where did they come from?

A significant terminate colony was recently found in Canada after a decade of being termite free.  While hard to miss, sometimes termites are taken for discolored ants. The amount of damage caused by a single termite colony is insane. Termites are capable of eating through almost a pound of wood every day.

Termites haven’t been a problem in Canada in over 10 years and the only clue as to where they may have come from is the possibility of imported wood. Thankfully this batch of termites haven’t spread as of yet. It is a viable concern though. Each of the neighboring homes should be inspected for termites by a professional pest control company in their area as termites can repopulate quicker than you can locate them all. While treating the home will help with the problem today, it could take years to eradicate a termite infestation and thousands of dollars to fix the damage they cause.

It is important to know the signs of termites and to listen to those signs when you see them. Tubes and wood particles sometimes left behind wings and a huge mess is just the beginning of a termite infestation.

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Stay on your side!

October 1st, 2015

Stay on your side!

An abandoned property next to your home could be your worst nightmare and a termite’s biggest dream. What would you do if the house next door was infested with termites? Unfortunately with foreclosures and other issues causing people to abandon ship, this is happening.

Termites can move in and remain undetected even in a home that is occupied. Imagine their ability to reproduce and destroy given the opportunity, completely unsupervised. Termites can ruin a home to its core attacking the wood beams, leaving them weak. They also leave behind a mess of wood particles, wings and more for you to clean up. Once they are done with the abandoned home, or during the process, they could easily walk the short distance between the houses attacking your home as well.

If you think an abandoned home in your area may be infested with termites, call your local pest control company to come take preventive measures on your own home. It is always important to keep in mind; there is never just one termite. If you see one, or even a couple the chances of you having a full infestation are strong.

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Your newest food ingredient

September 30th, 2015

Your newest food ingredient

By now I’m sure you have heard all the rage about using bugs for food. From cricket flour to caterpillar sushi, the news of the benefits of consuming bugs is taking the nation. But now, a new source of food by insect is bubbling up.

Insect oil is looking to replace olive oil. Yes, you read that correctly. Insect oil, extracted from frozen, ground and then powered insects. Researchers have set up to find out which of the insects produces the best result for cooking oil. They tried to measure the difference between mealworms, crickets and cockroaches. EW!

Their results showed that crickets are the most difficult to extract the oil from but are probable to be the easiest to market for sale. Even the researchers were grossed out when extracting oil from the cockroaches. They stated the oil was the most repulsive and smelled like vomit. They also deemed this oil would not be suitable for food but perhaps paint or lubricants. Mealworms provided an edible oil and may be the only way the general public could ever be convinced to consume them.

Over all, the research shows that crickets in particular have the potential to change the way we think about ingesting bugs. From ground into flour and covered in chocolate as a desert to cooking in cricket oil, there’s no arguing with the beneficial nutrients found in crickets.

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One red fang

September 29th, 2015

One red fang

Not something you realize a spider could have except in the movies, but a professor recently discovered a funnel web spider that has just that; one red fang. It is common for other funnel spiders to have other red markings similar to that of the black widow, but to have the red on the fang leaves the professor to believe the pigment is just marking an unusual place on the spider’s body. Another theory, because having a red pigment isn’t odd, is that this one species hasn’t hidden the red behind the brown and black pigments typically seen in the funnel web spider.

Spiders are similar to humans in that they do carry pigment and can be varying colors. Some spiders actually use their colors to survive. Like the crab spider having the ability to camouflage itself within a flower bed, or the peacock spider which the males are particularly colorful. Another spider with a red pigment is the red headed mouse spider which is related to the funnel web spider.

The majority of spiders are not concerning or overly dangerous, however they can be the cause of bites and attacks throughout your home. If you are worried that you may have a spider infestation, call your local pest control company to come evaluate and treat your home.

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Under Attack!

September 28th, 2015

Under Attack!

Ants, wasps and other airborne insects, OH MY! They are invading Sussex and are set to come out in record numbers for the rest of the summer. The UK gardens are reporting a huge spike in insect repellents due to the increase of flying insects.

The worker variety of insects like wasps are coming out in high force due to the hot and dry summer this year. Wasps in particular enjoy when the weather cools off, giving them the ability to go and hunt for food for their queen. The forthcoming cooler weather makes this time of year a heaven for them. Weather will forecast the population of insects like wasps and flying ants. If a spring and summer are particularly hot, it provides a breeding ground for them to reproduce at alarming rates, allowing all of the population to swarm at once with the onset of cooler weather.

One researcher has said that it is a bumper year for insects. Meaning the spike in wasp and flying ant population is through the roof. They have become very active and you should be on the watch for infestations.

If you think you may be susceptible to a wasp or ant infestation, call your local pest control company to come inspect and come up with a plan of attack to eliminate the issues.

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Deadly Bed Bugs?

September 25th, 2015

Deadly Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs, we’ve all heard about the epidemic of infestations showing up all over the country. What used to be a common problem just in the hotel industry is now popping up in schools and homes, workplaces and even movie theaters across the nation.

Now, according to scientists, bed bugs are capable of carrying a deadly strain of Chagas disease. Bed bugs are testing positive for the disease at an alarming rate and no one seems to be worried. Chagas is also carried by kissing bugs, which like to bite humans specifically on the face.

There is also conflicting research that shows that bed bugs are incapable of carrying the disease, making the level of confusing especially high. Researchers who are on the side of bed bugs not being able to carry the disease fear that this new study will cause paranoia worse than already exists.

Bed Bugs have a more frequent ability to prey on humans than their kissing bug cousins which may have some contribution to the higher numbers of insects carrying the disease. If bed bugs do have the ability to carry Chagas disease they may surpass kissing bugs in the danger of transmission.

If you think you have a bed bug problem, the best thing to do is contact your local pest control company to come up with a plan of action to conquer the pests. For more information on bed bugs, click here